SharePoint Online Guest Access

  • If you do not have a Microsoft O365/Outlook/Hotmail email address, you will need to follow these steps to associate your email address with a Microsoft account by using your email and following these instructions.
  • You will receive email notification from SharePoint Online (SPO) that the site has been shared with a link to the site. Email Notification
  • Click on the Site Name to navigate to the SharePoint Online site.
  • Login to O365 account when prompted or if already logged into O365 account, you will get automatically logged into the SPO site. SPO Logged In
  • Non-Microsoft enabled account

      If you try accessing this account without first verifying that your email is associated with a Microsoft account, you will have the below experience.
  • Guest navigated to sign in screen and enter email address. Guest Sign In
  • You will receive this error message and will need to follow these instructions first before trying to sign in to access the SharePoint Online site.
    • Error Message